I’ll be the first to admit that in 2019, before the pandemic, when the new 2020 coasters were being announced I was super pumped. Like many enthusiasts, I believed that 2020 was going to be the next legendary year like 2000, 2006, 2012, and 2016. There are not too many moments in Thoosie history where we get an onslaught of iconic new thrill machines.

On New Year’s Day 2020 when the entire world was optimistic the start of a new decade would bring the promise of a fresh start. Well… we got a fresh start, just not the one we wanted. So many promises were broken and promising experiences lost.

Here’s a quick reminder of some of our largest expectations and disappointments.

NEW FOR 2020 Coaster’s Included.
Sick Mags for my Refrigerator

Jersey Devil at Six Flags Great Adventure
Pantheon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Emperor at SeaWorld San Diego
Texas Stingray at SeaWorld San Antonio
Candymonium at Hershey Park

Iron Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa
Orion at Kings Island

*Notice Anything Missing?

Those Sneaky Sneaky Snakes at Universal were busy creating a “secret” monster.*

One of the most ridiculous elements the 100ft inverted stall!

Despite the pandemic, we got to enjoy about 60% of the promised coasters. Both major B&M’s debuted (Candymonium and Orion) but all eyes were on RMC and Intamin.

The coaster enthusiast community knew about the leaked plans, name, and “concept art” of a certain coaster coming to Orlando, naturally. Call me a poser but… I personally, wasn’t impressed. I loved Hagrid’s Magical Motorbike Adventure at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, but it just solidified Orlando as the “Theming Capital of the World” a place not really known for thrills (besides a handful of prestige B&M’s.)

Aaron and I at Universals Islands of Adventure May 2021

When Velocicoaster was formally announced almost a year after the park chains-who-jumped the gun announced their delayed coasters. I started to get a little pumped, mainly because there would be something new to do in Orlando.

Fast-forwarding to spring 2021 when all the Florida enthusiasts started sharing their first impressions and reactions. I found myself still thinking…like yeah ok, I am sure it’s not All That it’s just shiny and new. (Insert eye-roll here).

However, on May 15th, 2021, I got to experience the coaster for myself.

I humbly suggest, right now, up front! All you readers should begin to believe the hype.

*This section may contain spoilers about ride experience only not queue or specific theming details*

The theming in the area around the coaster blends seamlessly with the sliver of Jurassic Park that has existed for the past two decades. However, with a brand new coaster the area has become reborn just as its parental film franchise by adding Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Basically, the area got REBOOTED as well.

I’m not going to spoil the queue here but it makes waiting quite comfortable and interactive (without being too touchy-touchy post- Covid-19). I will say the locker system for loose articles is pretty dope and well organized. I actually observed a guy explain to the attendant he couldn’t lock his phone up because his phone had to be within feet of his ankle monitor. I thought, hmmm how are you allowed out of the house in the first place? Then I saw homeboy say screw-it these technical rehearsals are a part of history and lock his phone up. He’s probably in jail now for the remainder of his suspended sentence. But, I respect his hustle. #FREETHATTHOOSIE.

The coaster itself, as you can see from the official POV out TODAY, is the ultimate modern blitz coaster. It’s what MAVERICK was meant to be! Yes! I took it there. It’s like when you ask your homegirl to do your makeup for prom because she claims to be a mistress of all trades and you look like a damn clown when she’s done. But a decade later she’s a fully licensed MAC associate with bridal clients booked for the next three years! Well yes, Miss Intamin learned from her past mistakes and built a top-tier coaster that doesn’t crush your thighs.

Aaron Feeling Skinny!

The ride starts with a slight left turn out of the station onto the first launch track. After a little bit of 3…2…1, red light, green light, pageantry you’re off.

Before you know it, a mix of elements and crazy sh*t hit you back to back like Wham! Bam! Thank you, Mam!

We experienced a left overbank, a dip under some rocks, and a dive loop. Then airtime moment, airtime moment, s-bend, right curve, and a left curve. Whew Chile! Up to this point it feels like riding one of the mechanical bulls with a comfortable lap bar restraint. It legit feels like your legs are comfortably restrained but your upper half is a wacky waving inflatable man.

But oh B*tch there’s more…. the second launch! Already coming in hot, this one kicks you from like 50-70 something? Who cares! It’s fast. Right into the Top Hat of truth! The Zero-G Stall right after the Top Hat is just disgustingly awesome. That’s why I call this the Velo-Sick-Coaster.


But, but, but, wait! (BREATHE JOSH). Now, listen it’s the next element that makes this ride the best Intamin, yes THEE BEST! Intamin coaster in the United States right now. (El Toro is the perfect number 2, argue amongst yourselves! I have a New Year’s resolution not to go back and forth with haters all 2021).

We got Mavericks missing Heart-line Roll. The element that is the cherry atop this sundae. A moment taken with such speed, the most fearless enthusiasts question the integrity of that lap bar. My husband said he “Got so much whip, he felt skinny”, it takes a lot to make him feel like a ragdoll.

After that element, it’s basically over.

Intamin has long had a rocky reputation amongst park owners. Thoosies’ have been more forgiving. If this ride and Pantheon don’t spark the Intamin Renaissance the entire future of thrill coasters is a stake!

Time to crush it the 2’s!

I spent the night before riding ‘rando’ Orlando coasters because I close enough to making the Velocicoaster my 200th. It worked out and it was seriously the highlight of my trip! With about two weeks before its official debut, I hope everything goes smoothly because I need that sucker to be around for generations.

Here’s to many more Velo-Sick years to come.

Love and Respect,


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